Everything near electricity is energetically polluted.    Inexpensively address this, forever.
The strengthening on inanimate objects is permanent, as long as it is not reexposed to radiation.
At $34 each, your EnergyVial should last many centuries beyond your lifetime. Use it often, each day.
We recommend two, so you can use them on both sides of your body, to save time. Nice, not necessary.

Briefly place the EnergyVial on any of the body's 365 long-identified meridians for organs, glands, etc.
When you put an EnergyVial at your GV20 point, the highest point on your head, for less than a second,
every one of your 365 meridians will instantly test stronger, testing by QRA, or CRA, even kinesiology,
although the Psychology of Longevity does not consider kinesiology to be as accurate of a test.

Touch the EnergyVial to any food, beverage, container, garment, utensil, or anything else that tests weak,
and the item is one-conditionally money-back guaranteed to test stronger. The condition? You must test.

The bidigital test takes less than a minute to learn, takes only a moment, and can be used forever.
"Forever" is a long time, and the bidigital test appears more accurate than any medical device.

Buying To Share With Loved Ones

If you are careful not to break the bottle, your EnergyVials should easily last longer than you.
If you DO break the bottle, try to scoop it into new glass, we give you 21x the amount needed to work.
It NEVER stops giving off beneficial energy, identified, specific frequencies for many organs and glands.
If one of your pets has an injured paw, or other cause of pain, put EnergyVial directly on the area of injury.
Simply watch your pet's face for the next 30 to 60 seconds. Simply amazing. Does it work on humans, too?
Well, it is against the law to make any claims for humans, so, we simply use it on horses, dogs, cats.
Animals do not know from placebos (or sales pitches, either). They simply express pain, or relief.
Most of all, EnergyVials do not merely neutralize, they convert electrical pollution into benefit.
EnergyVials, as with QVials, EnergyTape, etc., are big gifts of a lifetime... to last a lifetime.

A strand of thread, maybe silk, and you can wear it around your neck, always available,
so that ALL of your food & drink get supercharged, with numerous, powerful benefits.
World's first literally supercharged rare earth minerals, brought to highest polarity.
Notice how much food you need to feel satisfied before using the EnergyVials.
After using EnergyVial on all foods and beverages for a week, note again.
More and more people are reporting significant reduction in food need.
No claims, no guarantees, beyond guaranteeing it will test stronger.
Everything touched by a vial of supercharged rare earth minerals,
now over 1,400 items tested so far, guaranteed to test stronger.
The world's most advanced technologies, for a natural life,
from the world's most advanced thinkers... ...and doers.
Teach yourself how to prove all of the foregoing info,
by visiting QRA.me, qra.bidigitally.com, and more
Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.com, and Q-R-A.com,
and many other QRA sites, for you & yours.


Psychology of Longevity Presents Qvials, Supercharged FoodBoosters, EnergyVials, EnergyTape
All inventions presented by the Psychology of Longevity are fruits OF the Psychology of Shortcuts innovation mindset

QVIAL.com - The most powerful minerals on earth - QVial is filled with minerals supercharged by multiple processes - Psychology of Longevity favorite
QVIALS.com - Holding one of the QVials at the highest point on your head IMMEDIATELY and temporarily strengthens all brain points, and all body points
QVIALS.info - Information on how QVials affect the brain and individual body points, 365 of which are directly related to organs, glands, and body tissue strength

FoodBoosters.com     ModifiedLasers.com     SuperChargedLasers.com     EnergyTape.com     EnergyVials.com

The Psychology of Longevity is thrilled to bring innovations and devices that have never existed before in life.
The more we use these tools, the more benefits you accrue, & the greater those benefits also tend to be for you.
These tools, among many MisterShortcut inventions, are to be counted among the most powerful tools of your life.
From the world's first supercharged cold lasers to the supercharged rare earth minerals that make ALL test stronger:

FoodBoosters alone, among the tiniest tools of your lifetime, contain more power than most all of your other tools -- combined.
Nothing in the world has ever existed like FoodBoosters, another innovation of the Psychology of Longevity to help you, naturally.
Every single food and drink on earth that tests weak with QRA testing is unconditionally guaranteed to test stronger with FoodBoosters.
No batteries or wires, no maintainance or upgrades, they will last forever, cannot be reversed, and charge even more when exposed to sunlight.
While Foodboosters also work on every human organ and gland, they are tiny, not always easy to place precisely at GV20 point, atop the head,
so, the Psychology of Longevity suggests larger EnergyVial, LadyVials, QVials, Jumboze, one for each side of the body, to save time each day.
What we do to one side of the body is wise to do to the other side of the body, provided the first action is going to bring you healthy benefit.
One is fine, we simply save time doing, for example, two kidney points at once, or two gallbladder or eye or other points simultaneously.
The family of QVials are comprised of the world's first literally supercharged rare earth minerals, and no need to believe a word of this.
Once you learn to do the one-second bidigital test called "QRA testing," you never have to take anyone's word for it again, healthwise.
When you are familiar with this easy-to-learn test of energy, you can test food, clothes, people, houses, and everything within sight.